Climate Change amidst lockdown: lessons to learn

The caged now roams free whereas the free stays caged; lockdown in a nutshell. This virus not only put the entire world to a grinding halt (both socially and economically) but also gave us some insights as to how things were during the usual hullabaloo and how much deeper we have been digging our own graves by sheer neglection and insensitivity towards the climate change.

Thank you COVID 19 for giving us a reality check.

Yours not so faithfully/ sincerely

Homo Sapiens aka. humans

Starting things right off the bat, Climate change is one of the main things which stands out in this time of the hour and quite surprisingly the apparent ‘resetting’ in the form of the lockdown shows some astounding results, but a lot more needs to be done. On the brighter side of things, CO2 emissions have plummeted in countries like China, Nitrogen Oxide levels have dropped in Europe due to less industrial output and in India places like Delhi has seen a drop in pollution levels ( quite a shocker though, because the severe AQI ( Air quality index) became the new normal before this lockdown) and rare spectacles were witnessed such as visibility of far off mountain ranges, such as Dhauladhar Range and Mount Everest ( yes, you heard it right) from Jalandhar and Uttar Pradesh respectively and Gangetic Dolphins have also returned and was spotted in the ghats of UP and many more instances.

It’s also very important to note the collateral damage which the mankind’s quest for greed has caused, which is best summarised by Gandhi, quote unquote, ” the world has enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed.” The nature has hit the RESET button; it is healing and in the process is showing how much of a deep wound WE have inflicted upon it.

Microplastic pollution is in the news where bits and pieces of plastics that we dispose off finally made its way into the water bodies affecting the marine life, bleaching of coral reefs, slowing down of Hurricanes due to the spike in CO2 levels, Australia witnessed it’s worst bushfire. And the culprit; Climate change which led to the soaring temperatures, are just some of the problems which we have put on the platter. The dish is served.

The major lesson that needs to be learnt is the fact that WE are not the only ones inhabiting. Speaking of utility, these flora and fauna ( both terrestrial and aquatic) have a major role in the ecosystem, and climate change can be a bane for them. Whereas,WE humans, believe it or not, albeit being at the top of the food chain, are the most useless of the lot. The TAKERS are taking over the GIVERS, folks. Let not our actions sound the death knell for the ecosystem and climate change.

Psychological crevice needs to be filled when it comes to climate change, in other words, ‘This won’t affect me, or its just the nature thingy’ attitude should be avoided as history has stood witness to the ravage which the nature has unfolded in retaliation when we took things too lightly or pushed mother nature to the edge. Reducing emissions and reforestation needs to go hand in hand as they’re very much related. Trees are the natural CO2 vaccum cleaner and during the time when the ‘World’s Lung’s’, the Amazon Rainforest were on fire, the apprehensions couldn’t get much real as humans were the perpetrators with their irrigational expansionism. Preservation of coastal habitats in order to safeguard the crops and communities money from storms and high rise in sea levels leading to floods and also ” investment in green energy technology could boost economies through job production and market investments.”

Summing things up, balancing of the scales is the need of the hour. After all as the mad Titan Thanos rightly said, quote unquote, ” perfectly balanced as all things should be.”